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The site is located in sector 81, Gurgaon. Its 4 BHK with one room as lounge/TV room.

Client requirements-

  1. Client requirement was not to build up a space that gives a heavy feeling, wanted a place gives soothing feeling and place feels like home.
  2. Keeping in mind the taste of the client is modern contemporary theme was planned.
  3. Not keeping the colours too dark and giving small elements in each area making it unique.
  4. In kitchen client wanted to expand the kitchen as kitchen provided was small and wanted space for more storage

Challenges –

The challenges were how to expand a kitchen in a way that does not blocks the dining and living area airiness and the view.

Pics before execution –

Designing and execution-

Keeping in mind the requirement of clients we evolved design which have natural inclination towards minimalism, and understanding that form follows function. We strive to keep our design Simple and elegant.

Keeping the whole area in keeping mind the feel of warmth earthy colours were used on walls as well as on furniture.
Giving small elements like ledges in entry area for artefacts and mirror on wall. Pop colours to the chair giving fresh and modern look to the room.

Dining and Kitchen

As the challenge was to expand the kitchen by not blocking the view and circulation of the room we gave a place for storage for all the appliances by giving a tall unit which on the other hand acts like a partition but is not blocking the view and circulation.
Dining table and chairs not going regular in shape rectangular we went with circular dining table and chair by playing with the legs of the table.
Giving minimal false ceiling in both living and dining area and playing with warm and fancy lights enhances the area more.

Guest room with puja room

The room is treated as guest room. We planned to keep sofa cum bed instead of full heavy bed so as when in use can be used as bed else it does not eat the space and gives us proper circulation space.

Keeping mandir in wardrobe forming jail door to wardrobe so as it gives mandir look serves our purpose of having a mandir and yet it is in its private space.
On wall wallpaper of soothing color was used with and artifact on it. Giving color to the room are the curtains and the cushions.

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Master Bedroom

In master bedroom existing bed was used. Now keeping the existing furniture in mind the room was planned in minimalist way by adding trims on wall.
POP trims on wall not making the wall look heavy and use of light color in room giving elegant look to the room.
Drop lights on bedside tables and minimal false ceiling is also something which is kept in mind.
Study with TV unit is another concept used in this room with wooden rafters on wall and pop up high back chair adding color to the room also adding extra seating to room to just relax and read!

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