INERIOR DESIGN is making the best possible use of the available space.
With years of experience, Matter of Space is a multidisciplinary Architectural & Interior Designing Studio, specializing in premium Residential, Commercial and Hotel Interiors. Strictly believing that the Design is not for philosophy, it’s for LIFE, we don’t follow any particular STYLE or CONCEPT; rather, we transform spaces from our client’s perspective, giving them the spaces where Science & Art break even. Beautifully designed spaces are an extension of its dweller’s personality and lifestyle. Matter of Space defines style and innovation through its designs and interior setups. Giving Complexes, be it HOME interiors or OFFICE interiors, an element of style and life, we steer professionalism and delivers value to its customers.
There are three responses to a piece of design –
YES, No and WOW!
WOW! is what we aim for –
A sturdy team of Architects and Designers offer different perspective and provide flexible solutions that are versatile and resonate with the clients’ needs. Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology. With proficiency in the fields of Project Management, Interior Designing, Design Consultancy, Customized Furniture and Artworks, Matter of Space is a one-stop shop for Designs and Spaces.


Customized Solutions

We offer our services as per the requirement of the Client. Our services include Interior Designing & Space Planning while keeping vastu in mind. Drywalls, glass partitions, all type of false ceiling, wall covering, wall paneling, wall painting, all types of flooring, wooden work, customized furniture, mezzanine floors, AC units, ducting, electrical fit outs, AV Solutions.

Dedicated Team

Our strong and a highly experienced team of architects, interior designers, engineers, Quality and procurement managers ensures that the projects are completed in committed time.

Turnkey Projects

We do projects on the turnkey basis which includes all responsibilities such as Interior Designing, Cost Evaluation, Purchase and Execution with a comfortable handover.

Matter Of Space Insurance

Defect Liability Period, states that, if the time period given for a certain project exceeds, then we are liable to compensate for the number of days it exceeds. We believe in our work and quality therefore provides the warranty for the same.