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We are one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon involved in offering the turnkey solutions, with our state of the art fabrication unit spread over 9,000 sq.ft.


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INTERIOR DESIGN is making the best possible use of the available space. With years of experience, Matter of Space is a multidisciplinary Architectural & Interior Designing Studio, specializing in premium Residential, Commercial and Hotel Interiors. Having a team of the best home interior designer in gurgaon, we believe that Design is not for philosophy, it’s for LIFE and that’s why we don’t follow any particular STYLE or CONCEPT; rather, we transform spaces from our client’s perspective, giving them the spaces where Science & Art break even. Beautifully designed spaces are an extension of its dweller’s personality and lifestyle. We at Matter of Space define style and innovation through our designs and interior setups and give giant complexes, be it HOME interiors or Office interior designer in Gurgaon

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interiors, an element of style and life. We steer professionalism and deliver value to our customers.

It is said that,

There are three responses to a piece of design-

 YES, NO and WOW!
 WOW! is what we aim for –

We take pride in our adaptable Architects and interior designers in Gurgaon, who offer different perspectives and provide flexible solutions that are versatile and resonate with the clients’ needs. Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about   technology. With proficiency in the fields of Project Management, Interior Designing, Design Consultancy, Customized Furniture and Artworks, Matter of  Space is a one-stop shop for Designs and Spaces.

The definition of home (Four walls for living) has changed in modern-times. We all want to live and spend time in a well designed home. Home decoration always takes place effectively by installing high-quality interior designs. With the help of a professional interior designer company in Gurgaon, you can get your home designed or revamped for a more soothing & relaxing vibes. Our interior designers make sure to add style as you need.

We believe that homeowners should find their appeal and tone for their home. This sets the tone right for their home interiors and makes the entire home more appealing to everyone. The designed spaces are a superb option to give hassle-free solutions. It will fit your lifestyle and consider the matter of your space. However, home interior or office interiors must pick well depending on the requirements. It ensures a good role and identifies the results easier. Of course, the interior designers in Gurgaon are responsible for making your premises classy and trendy. It gives a risk-free experience to make your premises attractive forever.


Furthermore, interior designs take place professionally to meet the requirements well. You must choose what kind of design fixes your budget as well. They carry out more functionality when you prefer professional interior designers forever. It would help if you choose the best quality interior designs, which play an important role in your home. It comes forward, giving a risk-free experience that suits the requirements well. They will identify clearly and allow you to find out lots of designs for home or office works. Your space will be filled with interior designs that work great for your commercial or home. Interior designs are something special to make sure to head towards creative ideas. Your additional space must be filled with interior designs to give an amazing look forever. At an affordable price, you must choose the best quality interior designs amazingly. Choose the best interior designer company in gurgaon which can give your home a whole new vibe that appeals to you to stay home forever.






Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention,sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution ;it represents the choice of many alternatives.


Professionalism is Consistency of Quality.We achieve it through Hard Work & Discipline.It is n ot a label you give it to yourself but a quality,we would want others to give us.


Price is what you pay and Value is what you get.The Price of anything is the amount of life you are willing to exchange for it.


Time is gift that we never take for granted.We make sure that the project is delivered on time as per the promised contract.



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The fees of an interior designer depend on their experience, your project scope and the materials to be used. Still you can look for a home interior designer in gurgaon who charges anywhere between – ₹200 to ₹500 per sq. ft. for basic design and up to ₹2000 per sq.ft for

Interior designing is an investment for long-time, and you should not think about hiring cheaper but affordable and smart interior designers who can understand your needs, your project scope and give you the budget according to your requirements.

Choosing an interior designer is as easy & as complicated as you want to make. Consider these below factors and we are sure you will be able to choose the interior designer for your project:

  1. Experience/Expertise
  2. Budget (Yours and Their)
  3. Designing Style/Tone (It should match yours)
  4. Check their previous portfolio/projects delivered
  5. Read online reviews about them

The cost of luxury interior designers in Gurgaon depends on the designing style. The cost isn’t fixed, it varies according to the project size, materials and the designer’s fees. But you can expect it from 400 sq. ft. onwards

Talking about the office interior designer in Gurgaon, multiple interior designers work on commercial projects along with their residential projects. You can research independent interior designers or small interior design firms in Gurgaon on Justdial or other online directories.

The Best interior designers in gurgaon or anywhere else in the world offer services, that includes:

  • Space planning and layout
  • Furniture and material selection
  • Color palettes and finishes
  • Lighting design
  • Custom furniture design
  • Project management

Supervision is an old practice, people generally tend to supervise & see their works themselves but honestly, when you hire an interior designer and give them your requirements, you can relax and don’t need to go behind them every time.

Modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian styles are trendy in Gurgaon, with a growing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly designs.

Some luxury designer firms offer brief initial consultations, but in-depth design consultations usually come with a fee. You should not think of it like an expense but an investment in finding the perfect home interior designer for your project.

Consider the below factors to hire an interior designer company in gurgaon:

  • Portfolio: Review past projects that resonate with your style.
  • Experience: Look for expertise in luxury design and your specific needs (e.g., home office, spa bathrooms).
  • Reputation: Check online reviews and recommendations.
  • Fees & Payment Structure: Be transparent about your budget and discuss payment terms upfront.
  • Communication: Ensure the designer understands your vision and communicates effectively.

When you want to design your home by yourself then you must:

  • Define your style: Research and gather inspiration (magazines, Pinterest).
  • Prioritize functionality: Sketch out floor plans, considering flow and traffic.
  • Focus on key pieces: Splurge on statement furniture or lighting, find budget-friendly accents.
  • Shop smart: Utilize online resources, discount stores, and vintage finds.
  • Get creative: Upcycle furniture, DIY paint projects, personalize with DIY decor.

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