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We are being process motivated company have our own set up system for over all improvement in process and efficiency. For us time is precious and thus our dictum remains to complete the assignments in prescheduled time framework.

We take following steps and proceed with any proposed assignment:

Disclosure & Discussion :

As a first step we undertake personal meeting & discussion to comprehend client’s requirements, taste, likings, timelines and tentative budgeted figure. After getting this information our team conducts a couple of visits at the proposed site for coupling client’s requirements/likings with availability of space and the surroundings. The observations are recorded and shared with the client for evaluation.

Conceptualization :

After evaluation of the first step, the conceptualization phase of the project starts. The design team starts initial design activity when the scope of the project is drafted, and a list of the desired design features and requirements is created to suit the client’s likings. The team comes out with the ideas keeping in mind various factors which include latest trend and products available to fit the requirements and the accessibility. Observations and concepts and the planned design are comprehensive discussed with the client and  a broad outline of the project is tentatively finalized.

Planning & Preparing BOQ :

After getting approval of broad outline of the design, we prepare BOQ (Bills of quantities) giving detailed list of items to be used, their numbers and the tentative cost and the brands are to be used. The items are grouped in categories like work involving civil dismantling & construction, Painter, electric fittings and the equipment’s, all types of sanitary work, wooden and furniture work. The BOQ becomes the main document as it has all macro and micro information including financial cost. The BOQ is discussed attending and analyzing to all queries of the client and thus the same is finalized. After finalization contract is entered into and an agreement is executed between the client and the company. With this the documentation part is completed and project is ready for its execution.

Execution & Supervision :

The moment the agreement is signed we start the project. A site supervisor is positioned, and work is started by involving different teams who have expertise in their line of activities like civil construction, work relating to plumber, electric, kitchen, wooden work & other furniture etc. The different team keep liaising with each other so that optimum time is utilized and work with quality is competed keeping in mind the time prescheduled. At different stage of the project we also conduct joint visit with the client to the site to evaluate the pace of work and the quality control feature which is maintained at customer satisfaction.

            The company takes all necessary steps so that the assignment is completed with standard  quality.     

Handover :

After competing all the assigned work including getting deep cleanliness  with client’s full satisfaction, the project is finally handover to the client.

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