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The site is located in Sushant lok , Gurgaon. Its 3 BHK with basement having 2 rooms and 1 hall/living area.

Client requirements

1.Client was very specific about how the site after the whole interior work should be more spacious and airy.
2.Keeping in mind the taste of the client is Morden yet a bit touch of tradional element.
3.Not keeping the colours too dark and giving new look to the whole site by using some interesting materials.
4.In kitchen client wanted to use the existing color combination and make some more units giving more storage space in kitchen keeping the colors in mind.
Challenges- The challenges faced on site was mostly seepage problem in some of the areas on site.

Pics before execution

  • Pics Before Execution
    Pics Before Execution
  • Pics After Execution
    Pics After Execution

Designing and execution-

Keeping in mind the freshness and the circulation in mind as clients major concern we played with neutral colours giving the particular area feeling of airiness also filling the requirement of the clients

As we see in living area we have used earthy colours such as beige and brown on wall and giving colours through the furniture by adding some prints on chairs. Here also if you notice is the traditional existing element jhoola placed in centre of the living and dining area giving a seating to both ends also acting as a partition.

Playing with colors in furniture and giving lights and more elegancy by adding false ceiling and giving fancy lights and other essential lights.

Room 1

In the room the wall behind the bed is treated with wallpaper and grooves of paint are added with artifacts on it.
As client wanted dresser we have added dresser next to the bed which is also acting as a side table to one side of the bed.
Adding a new element in the room is the glass sliding wardrobe with mixing two colors which are gelling with the whole vibe of the room and yes don’t forget the fancy light giving grace to the room.

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Master bedroom

In master bedroom we kept the room color different from all over area
Grey color giving brightness to the room. Keeping the design minimalist by adding trims at the bed back and wall lights giving such a modern design to the room and not making the room look small.
Here we having also added a pop color to the room but in furniture by adding slider to the study of yellow color catching your attention.
Sliding wardrobe of glass and laminate in different pattern going with the overall look of the room.
Dresser with side table of laminate finish ticking the requirement of the room/client.
And the master piece is the bed tufted upholstered bed completing the whole look of the room.


Challenging part of the house. Matching the existing finish of the kitchen also providing storage by not blocking the circulation space.
So here we provided the tall unit for the appliances so as it does not take our slab space also adding wicker basket for more dry stuff storage.
Changing the fridge position and giving proper storage space to the kitchen was the idea that worked and gave what client needed.

Basement area

The lower area was treated as the recreational space where we provided bar, lounge space to have big screen for tv some corner spots for reading and relaxing and the main master element was the space under the staircase used as storage by not giving heavy look to the area.
The unique material used on the counter of the bar was onyx stone giving extra light to the bar.
Keeping false ceiling at minimalist level the designing was done also proper utilization of the space.

Before the execution the space looked like this.

After designing and execution space under staircase utilized for storage for bar and seating space.
Light effect on the counter top is by the onyx stone used.

Using existing furniture and making new sofas for the lounge area to sit and enjoy the screen.

Who doesn’t like greenery? Well we made open space with planters and some seating space to enjoy

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