Ravi Pratap Singh

When Mrs. & Mr. Singh approached us during the lockdown, they had no budget, no ideas or timeline in mind. What they did have was a bare shell 3BHK apartment and a brilliant sense of colours. It was during the Covid crisis situation, when they had shifted to Gurgaon with a few photographs in hand. Not only was their well-designed house delivered to them before the promised deadline, but was rather a thrilling experience for their entire family to see, a 3BHK transformed into a completely new and well-equipped designer home.

There were primarily three major challenges that our designer Ms. Isha Dhiman faced, one was the timeline, wherein the Singh’s wanted to move in as soon as it was possible, optimum utilization of space, keeping all the needs of every family member in mind and the fact that the house had to be fully equipped. But our designer pulled it off flawlessly.

The property was located in Sector 93, Space Privvy, where the builder has provided bare minimum, there were huge red fire pipes in both Living & Master bedroom. A small nuclear family of 3, the
rooms were divided into Master Bedroom, Kid’s bedroom & Parent’s bedroom. Each room had a different significance. Kid’s Bedroom was designed keeping in the mind both comfort and space utilization. An eight-year-old kid, needed complete compartmentalization of toys, books and the

sleeping area. Alongside the bed was placed his study table and on the other side the toy display cum storage unit.

Majorly colour blocking was done on the entire bed back wall keeping it minimalistic and catchy for his age. The most interesting element however remains, the custom-made bed back light carved in the alphabet ‘R’ representing his initial. Parent’s Bedroom was the most subtle out of all, keeping the rare usability in mind, therefore without making it fussy, simple straight lines were made use to support the elegance of the user.

Master Bedroom was supposed to be complete and lavish in itself. It was great fun to see, the entire arrangement without creating a mess of the custom-made furniture pieces. The dresser was designed such that all items had their own space to be. The trims added on the walls, to create subtle design combined with a loud wallpaper to add that extra charm to the wall. The room carries a half-baked book shelf in the corner with colour blocking done to make it complete. Living Room was the trickiest, the brief was that no dining table was required, ye there were a lot of elements that were to be incorporated in the same space, without making it look clustered. A subtle mandir unit was added, at the entrance, for it to be the first thing to be see. A wooden partition was placed right at the threshold of the living area, building a sense of space. Shoes were properly concealed in the units with over and above were acting as a camouflage to the DV box shutters placed on the walls.

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