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Pooja Room Vastu

In general, pooja room creates the positive aura with the presence in your home. Keeping it in the proper direction with the proper placement of idols can be helpful for you. Following the Pooja room Vastu tips highlight the cheerful vibe.

Pooja Room Vastu

It doesn’t matter when you have the dedicated pooja room or planning to have the one. Following various kinds of vastu tips for the pooja room construction and design can help you. It is since vastu plays the major role in defining the complete vibe of the house.

Incorporating the vastu element in the pooja room can harness warm & the positive energy all across the place. Let’s go through the vastu tips while redesigning, adjusting or constructing the pooja room.

Pooja room Vastu direction:

The first and the foremost step here while constructing the pooja room in the home is to clearly know the right direction of the pooja room facing according to the vastu.

It is very essential since the pooja room’s wrong direction can turn out to be unpromising for the house inhabitants. Therefore, taking the risk according to the essential apect of the home is not recommended.

According to the Vastu Shastra, the direction of the ideal pooja room can be northeast. When this direction is filled, you can go with either north or east direction. Northeast is the effective pooja room direction according to the vastu since it gets more sunlight during day time.

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Direction of doors and windows of pooja unit:

When deciding the pooja room placement in the house, you can ensure it is such that windows and doors should open across the north or east direction. Your pooja room should be in the spacious area so there is no obstruction in the closing and opening of doors and windows.

The pooja room must always have the two door parts. Therefore, the location of the pooja room as per vastu should be in the area with the sufficient space for both parts of the door to open.

Why is the ground floor best for the puja room?

When you live in the multi storey or duplex house, it can be advised by the vastu specialists for placing the pooja room on ground floor.

When you have the small pooja cabinet in the room, then it won’t be harmful but when there is the dedicated space for pooja room which must be on the ground floor. The position of the pooja room according to vastu is great for generating the positive energy on the floor of the house entrance.

The interesting placement can be in the foyer or porch area of the house and it can be derived from ancient placement of pooja rooms that can be done in the aangan or verandah of the house. But, ensure that there are no shoes racks are placed near your pooja room.

Pooja room Vastu tips for every direction:

  • West

West is the best direction for designing the mandir. While praying, you will face the east direction that is considered good in all religion.

  • East

East is the good direction for the pooja room placement. As the sun rises from east, the blessing makes your home prosperous and keeps coming your way.

  • North

When you doesn’t have the northeast direction empty, then place the pooja room facing north.

  • South

Don’t place your pooja room at south direction since it is not the good direction.

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