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Among other areas in the home, the Kitchen plays an integral part in any Indian religion. Of course, the Kitchen is the source of our day-long energy. We have to build the Kitchen by seeing Vastu without fail. It is the most important thing to consider while building a home. Every single appliance in the Kitchen is essential. As a result, it must be placed according to the principles of Vastu that remain positive around us.

As per many expert Vastu opinions, the holistic life of the Kitchen should be the best place to achieve health and improve motivation. However, you must check the Vastu principles when renovating or building a kitchen in your home. Here, you will find some of the Vastu tips for your Kitchen. Read the Kitchen Vastu tips and be ready to get positive vibes in the cooking area.

The Direction Of The Kitchen

To ensure a kitchen is in the perfect direction, you must check the elements of earthy, sky, air, fire, and water. It needs to be balanced according to the Vastu. If necessary, change or amend certain things as per the direction. So, it will increase the positive energy in your home. In addition to this, the design of the Kitchen should be northwest and ensure a direction that is also balanced.

On the other hand, the Kitchen in North West must be suitable for health, especially for women. A direction for your Kitchen remains wind god, and air works should be a supportive element for fire. To rectify this, you must place gas in the southeast zone and color the walls yellow. Apart from this, you must use only minimal water inside the Kitchen.

Kitchen Size

While choosing the kitchen location as per the Vastu, it must be in a southeast direction. Of course, your Kitchen must be 80 sq ft or more, and if it is very small, it hurts the women in your house. According to Vastu, the Kitchen should balance all five elements properly. The placement of fire sources should be in a southeast direction.

The Kitchen should be in the southeast corner of the house, and cooking should take the west direction. The sink should be ideal and placed in the Kitchen’s North West zone. But, place the water utensils, pots, and water purified on the northeast side.

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Vastu For Kitchen Ventilation And Windows

If there is improper ventilation in the Kitchen, it can result in major health issues for women. So, it has to check the ventilation based on Vastu and place windows accordingly. As per the Vastu, the right window position is east, which plays an important role in a positive atmosphere. With good light and air, the quality of the food becomes better. Vastu for Kitchen gives insights into many aspects. They will place together and maintain considerable airflow into the Kitchen. So, you must build Kitchen as per the Vastu and have a healthy life.

Origin Of Kitchen Vastu

Cooking was done on wood-fired stoves and utensils washed in a separate area in the past. As per the Vastu guidelines, it was formulated based on the sun’s position and wind direction. This practice has been followed for many years in today’s modular kitchens. But, now everything is inside the Kitchen, spoiling the lifestyle. Additionally, the door and window placement should be in the East direction and located based on the Vastu design.

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