10 Practical Vastu Tips For Your Mandir’s Direction In Home

Vastu Tips For Your Mandir’s Direction In Home

What comes to your mind when you hear positive energy in your home? Home mandir, right? Yes, so how can you welcome positive energy in your home mandir? With the help of a Vastu expert? As per the suggestions by one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon, you must look for the best interior designer capable of designing your home mandir according to Vastu & positive energy.

This article talks about the 7 vastu secrets that can bring positive energy to your home mandir and feel the calming & energetic aura across your home.

7 Amazing Vastu Tips for Your Home Mandir

Your home mandir is that sacred space within your home that boosts divinity, peace & spiritual well-being in between the chaos of your routine. These seven tips will help you build a home mandir according to the Vastu that radiates positive energy:

Place the Mandir in the Right Direction

So, this is the first question that comes to mind when anyone thinks of getting a home mandir done: what should the placement of the mandir be? So, to your answer, let us tell you that according to the correct Vastu, the best location for your home mandir is the northeast corner of your home or a room facing the east. 

Most experts say these directions are related to wisdom, knowledge & spirituality. Also, if the northeast corner is impossible, you can select the north or east directions as alternatives. If you need clarification about designing & placing your home mandir, remember we are just a call away. We undoubtedly have the most experienced team in our interior designer company in Gurgaon, delivering precisely the same as the client’s needs.

Entrance Should be Auspicious

Have you ever built that serenity that washes over you as you enter a holy place? The entrance to your home temple can either welcome you to a spiritual journey or pose an obstacle to developing a spiritual nature.

In Vastu Shastra, the entrance should be either east or north, signified by sunrise and sunset. This is a symbol of growth and new livelihood. Make the entry clutter-free by arranging it with mesmerizing rangoli designs or beautifully kept trees and bird baths, which will reflect nature so they can happily dwell here.

Position your Mandir Carefully

Imagine walking into your temple, feeling a sense of harmony like never before. Vastu Shastra highlights the significance of placing the mandir face direction in home in a fixed direction: it aims to produce a positive aura.

The primary divinity can be put in the middle of the temple or more east, facing west or north. Side deities can be the mini idols alongside the main god on either side, facing the same direction. Positions of the deities must be ensured so they do not turn their faces to the main gate. In other words, it draws the positive energy outwards.

Bring in some Nature

Nature is inevitably the most vital factor for well-being, and blending its components in your mandir will offer you a fully nurturing environment. For an elemental aspect, you can use a wire mesh (a fountain or a bowl with fresh water) to represent the water element. Let’s grow some flowers and plants that attract the earth’s elements and boost the energy of space.

Positioning a mirror or crystals in specific locations evokes the sun and moon, which can reflect and amplify the positive energy. At the same time, oil lamps or candlelit is a common representation of the fire element, which brings a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to the area.

Choose Auspicious Colors

Colors, as with their character, have different sentiments and energy levels depending on the day, and their representation can cause these emotions in our heads. Vastu Shastra suggests using cheerful colors around the temple structure to cultivate harmony and human growth.

Many home interior designers in Gurgaon suggest picking red, yellow, or orange shades, representing energy, warmth & prosperity. To avoid painting your home mandir, you can blend these colors through rugs, curtains, fabrics, etc. 

Keep it clean & organized

Your mandir must be cleaned every week, even once a month, to have a calm and spiritual atmosphere. Vastu Shastra also makes important points about keeping your mandir tidy and calm since a balanced energy flow is necessary. Make it a habit to clean your mandir regularly and sweep any dirt or trash therein every other week.

Consider lighting incense or sage to refresh the atmosphere and create a relaxing one. Stuff superfluous or cluttering should not be kept within the mandir since it can cause discord and interrupt the energy flow. Invoke family members to treat the place with respect and honor its sanctity.

Make it Well-ventilated

This is one of the most affordable small home interior design ideas – Keep your home well-ventilated for positive energy. Vastu principles suggest that your mandir must be ventilated and well-lit with natural light to produce more positive energy. The mandir could be at a window or skylight, allowing sunlight to filter in and create warmth.

On another note, proper artificial lighting can also be employed around the mandir to mimic the sun’s natural glow, as warm-toned bulbs or lamps go for. Ensure the mandir gets well-ventilated so fresh air circulates inside, taking care of stagnant energy.

Wrapping Up

Here are some of the top Vastu secrets to bring into your home mandir, a space that supports peace, devotion, and good vibes. Remember, Vastu is a guide, not a strict set of rules. Adapt these principles to your unique space and prioritize a mandir that inspires spiritual practice. May your home mandir become a haven for inner reflection and connection with the divine.

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