Upgrade Your Bathroom With These Luxury Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas

You might be thinking that only the elite class individuals design their bathrooms with luxury walls, showers & tiles, but you’re mistaken, dear. The era is changing, and individuals see their bathroom as being beyond routine activities. This is the place where you feel relaxed from the regular grind of life.

Most people in India let their bathroom design go to the end and tail end of their beautifully designed home. Still, as illustrated by the best interior designers in Gurgaon, it is critically important for us to have our bathroom feel grand.

What comes to your mind when you think of renovating your bathroom design? Walls? Sanitary ware? Tiles? Yes, besides sanitary ware & walls, tiles are the hero of every bathroom design, and without them, the restroom feels incomplete and ordinary. Tiles are added to bathroom design to add charm and functionality & set the mood right.

Isn’t it exciting? We have listed down the luxury bathroom tile design ideas and material considerations for you.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Below are some of the considerations you should make before finalizing the bathroom tiles:


Natural Stone

Natural stones such as marble, granite, and slate evoke a lasting striking of beauty in their appearance. It appears Marble has a luxurious texture, but with its veins and granite, it is an amazingly enduring option with different colors. While slate is a rough material that can also add the texture of soil to the dish and even create a modern or rustic look, it all depends on the place of design.

Porcelain and Ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic tiles also must not be neglected because of their ability to serve different purposes. They are imaginatively conceived and are prepared in an infinite number of arrangements that really copy the look of stone, wood, or concrete. In addition, they are tremendously sturdy and get over carelessness with utmost ease, perfect for those who look forward to experiencing luxury without the exhausting drama.


To achieve a sparkling effect in your bathroom while also feeling like being in a spa, glass tiles are your perfect choice. It comes in an extensive range of colors and can be used to design jaw-dropping mosaic patterns or remix your shower walls with the lively glass accent that accentuates the light reflection.


Metal tiles may not be at the forefront of the design, but they can still create a slight industrial or modern look for your bathroom concept.

Size and Scale

Your bathroom tiles should complement your bathroom size and should always be proportionate. If your bathroom is spacious, then you must pick larger tiles, but if you have a compact bathroom, then you must choose smaller tiles/mosaic designs to create an illusion of spaciousness.

Color and Light

The more excellent the temperature, the more positive the mood of the customers- Right, this is what we are talking about. The choice of color and finish of your tiles is critical because it creates the general mood inside the bathroom. We, as an interior design company with our team of luxury interior designers in Gurgaon, indeed know that a lighter mood will make a small space look more significant than its actuality and airier. In contrast, dark shades create a more cozy or intimate vibe.

Additionally, you can plan for polished marble or glass tiles, which reflect light and create a sense of openness.

Slip Resistance

You think about luxury, but remember to consider your safety. Choose a slip-resistant tile, especially on areas like the shower floor. You can always pick a textured or matte finish tile for your bathroom that provides good traction underfoot.


This is the essential thing: before choosing any tile, you must consider your budget. You will find endless options in the market, but you must stick to your budget and choose the affordable luxury tile option for your bathroom.

4 Inspiring Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Here are a few bathroom tile design ideas from the secret books of home interior designers in Gurgaon:

Classic Elegance

This is the core concept of why classic design features continue to be timelessly trendy. The bold look of a bathroom with a timeless feel of luxury can be achieved by installing natural stone tiles like marble, granite, or travertine. They create such an atmosphere of unexceptional class that does not fade even when trends pass. Play with the colors and make sure they are white, beige, and cream to mimic a sense of quiet and roominess.

Traditional patterns such as subway or herringbone are very decorative and completely patterned and harmonic, but only a little for a small room. And when you want to achieve a deep-down level of uplift, you must also add metallic accents such as polished nickel hardware and a nape of shimmer over your mosaic tile.

Modern Minimalism

If you fall in the category of those who prefer well-determined borders and an elegant style, the way to go is to represent a minimalist way of living. Extensive format mosaics, either porcelain or ceramic, featuring sleek and current designs, represent a unified surface. Incorporate single or couple colors, white or gray- for a powerful and stylish statement.

Rhythmic lines and bendy patterns will go in line with the minimalist factor. For finishes, you can decorate your space with matte or textured tiles to give you a little touch of visual interest, but all details are neat.

Spa-Like Serenity

Can you imagine how your bathroom can be transformed into a spa of luxury, and getting into a bathtub with any sound would make you feel like you are in a luxurious resort? This may be achieved by using a combination of natural materials such as stones and tiles or the wood-look ones that replicate the warmth of actual wood panels.

For this earthy appearance, the tones of yellow (or golden), brown, and blue often prevail to relax and soothe. Wave patterns or a tile mosaic with pebble-like shapes can give the space a playful nostalgia. Add the power of mother nature to your repertoire – a few living plants placed in specific locations will lend a hand in bringing about quietness.

Bold & Dramatic

Be dramatic in your bathroom and design it. Big-size patterned face tiles or those with titanic designed features topped by metallic finishes can turn your bathroom into a water closet that can receive admiration. Beautiful colors with jewels or deep blacks will add some richness and sophistication. Feel free to play with a variety of textures and finishes – like glossy and metal, the diversity is almost endless.

Pro tip: Keep the other elements minimal if you are planning to go bold.

Matter of Space: Your Partner for Affordable Luxury

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Here’s how Matter of Space can help you achieve that affordable luxury look:

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Contact our experts today and step into a world of affordable luxury.

Bottom Line

With careful planning, simple choices, and some creativity, you can turn your bathroom into a spa-like escape you’ll love. So, unleash your interior designer, explore the inspiring ideas we’ve shared, and begin the journey to create the bathroom back to your dreams!

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