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Promise us that you are ready to transform your space and want to know about the clothes of your home walls – The wallpapers. Yes, wallpapers are indeed your walls’ clothes that speak your personality. If you are ready to eliminate those outdated paints from your walls or want to get rid of your peeling walls, then go ahead and learn everything about wallpapers and how to choose the best for your home.

The biggest reason wallpapers are modern-day kings is simple: they look astonishing, are easy to install and replace or remove, come in endless patterns and designs, and speak your personality.

Just like some vibrant clothes add up to your personality, wallpapers add up to the beauty of your space and make every space an unforgettable masterpiece. Let’s understand deeply about the clothes of your four walls. If you are building a new home or buying an apartment in Delhi & Gurgaon, then hire the best interior designer in Gurgaon for the aesthetic choice of wallpapers and designs.

Why Choosing Wallpapers is the Best Option?

For years, we have always seen our grandfathers, fathers, and everyone hire a painter and buy buckets of vibrant paints for our lovely homes, but lately, wallpaper has emerged as the go-to solution for every modern-day home. The designer wallpapers have a whole bucket of benefits that go beyond a coating of vibrant paintings. 

So, if you want to make your space look aesthetically pleasing and must be your personality’s replica, then wallpaper is the best choice. Instead of covering your walls with ordinary colors, switch to wallpapers and put designer clothes on your walls.

Here are some reasons to pick wallpapers over paints:

Promising looks

With endless patterns, textures, and colors, you get a look for your home that is truly mesmerizing and promising. Besides, it also helps you cover your wall’s flaws and saves you the costs of repair or maintenance. 


High-quality wallpapers can last till eternity(Not literally, but..) It saves you time and money in the long run. Moreover, for your office space, you can get the best office interior designer in Gurgaon and plan your work for the office interior.

Almost No Maintenance

Wallpapers are amazingly easy to clean; you can get a wet cloth and wash the dust off the wallpaper. 

Adds value and uniqueness

A well-chosen wallpaper adds a touch of luxury and personality to your space, adding to your space’s value and uniqueness. 

Easy to Install/Replace & Remove

Most of the wallpapers are DIY (Do it yourself), which is handy for you. You can install, replace, or remove your wallpapers yourself.


Many wallpaper brands now offer eco-friendly options from recycled materials or sustainable production practices. So you can beautify your home while feeling good about the planet.

Types of Wallpapers You Must Know

Here is a detailed guide to the types of wallpapers available in India:


This type of wallpaper is nonwoven and vinyl-backed. It is also easy to clean, color-fast, and cost-effective. Still, it will restrict the walls from breathing correctly and release toxic fumes after a period. There are three subtypes of vinyl wallpaper: solid, coated, and fabric-backed.


Nonwoven wallpaper combines natural and synthetic fabrics that are more breathable, supple, and lasting than paper sidewall. It also is a lot easier to install and remove because it does not shrink or rip. Different decorative layers can be used on the nonwoven wallpaper, including vinyl, textiles, cork, or metal foil.


Paper wallpaper is the classic and ecological wallpapering that consists of paper. It is affordable, lightweight, and available in several color/pattern options. And yet, it is also susceptible to tears, fading, staining, and moisture damage. Wallpaper made of paper does not withstand intense traffic and high humidity.


Natural or synthetic fabrics, such as silk linens and cotton in polyester, make up a luxurious and elegant fabric wallpaper. It is textured and soft, giving the Room a comfortable feel. But it also costs a lot, is not easy to set and maintain, and is prone to mold dust.


Grasscloth is a naturally organic wallpaper of woven grasses—sisal, jute, hemp, or bamboo. It has a distinctive, vintage appearance and can offer depth and warmth to the walls. On the other hand, it is also expensive, brittle, and susceptible to light exposure and humidity. In areas where there is a possibility of stains or wet conditions, one should be very careful about grasscloth wallpaper.


One of the types is wallpaper, which comprises cork, an organic source from a tree called ‘cork oak,’ which forms bark. It is earthy and warm, insulating the walls and soundproofing them. But it is also costly, bulky, fades, and peels off. Cork wallpaper should be sealed with a protective layer to protect it from damage and deterioration.


Foil wallpapers are glamorous and shiny types of covering that are usually manufactured using metal foils like aluminum, copper, or gold. It has a reflective sheen and shine, making it create contemporary dramatic effects. But installing and taking off is also tricky, as they can reflect some defects or flaws on the walls. Foil wallpaper should be applied to consistent and straight surfaces on walls that will not get scratched or dented.

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Wallpaper

Here are some tips to help you choose the suitable wallpaper for your space:

Identify the type of Room

  • Living Room: Select bold patterns or tranquil textures, depending on the desired atmosphere. Think about conversation areas and furniture arrangements.
  • Bedroom: Select soothing patterns and shades that contribute to restfulness. First, think about the bed size and how to locate its wallpaper.
  • Kitchen: Select materials that are easy to clean and moisture-proof. Look at the general kitchen design and color of appliances.
  • Bathroom: Choose waterproof items and patterns that fit in with the bathroom fixtures. The dimensions and structure of the area must be taken into consideration.
  • Home Office: Choose patterns that inspire creativity and focus. Consider the desk placement and overall productivity goals. Being an office interior designer in Gurgaon we recommend you to hire a professional interior designer for the job.

Consider Lighting

  • Natural Light: Choose light and airy patterns for rooms with abundant natural light. Darker patterns can work in well-lit spaces with ample contrast.
  • Artificial Light: Consider the color temperature of artificial lights and how they affect the wallpaper’s hues. Warm lights can soften bold patterns, while cool lights can brighten dark ones.

Scale and Pattern

  • Miniature Rooms: Avoid large-scale patterns that can overwhelm the space. Opt for smaller patterns, stripes, or textures to create a sense of expansiveness.
  • Large Rooms: Bold geometric patterns or large-scale florals can add personality and definition to a spacious room. Use darker colors or vertical stripes to create a more intimate feel.

Color Palette

  • Complementary Colors: Choose wallpaper colors that complement your existing furniture and decor. Use a color wheel to find harmonious combinations.
  • Contrasting Colors: Create a dramatic statement with contrasting colors. Balance bold wallpaper with neutral furniture and accents. If you are planning to revamp your home, we recommend getting the best home interior designer in Gurgaon and getting your space done.

Material & Durability

  • Paper: Affordable and versatile, but not ideal for high-moisture areas or rough handling.
  • Vinyl: Easy to clean and durable, suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It can be challenging to remove.
  • Fabric: Luxurious and textured, but more expensive and delicate. It is not recommended for high-traffic areas.
  • Nonwoven: Breathable and easy to install, but may not be as durable as vinyl. Suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

Trendy Wallpaper Patterns & Designs

With so many fantastic wallpaper designs available, there’s something for every taste and every space. Here’s what you can pick for your lovely spaces:


Think about simple lines, solid forms, and contemporary feels. Geometric patterns are very flexible, such as with the Scandinavian minimalism or playful mid-century modern. They may brighten up a living room, provide elegance to an entryway, or even inject playfulness into the kid’s quarters.


Floral wallpapers can add romance and femininity to any space with delicate blooms, vibrant blossoms, or lush botanicals. They are ideal for turning your bedroom into a soothing haven, adding playfulness in the bathroom, or even bringing nature inside with an outdoor-themed mural.


Are you looking for a warm and welcoming ambiance? Tactile surfaces of textural wallpapers save the day. So consider woven grasscloth, rustic brickwork, or soft felt-like surfaces. Such patterns create depth and dimension on your walls, making a room feel cozier and closer.


Using just stripes, you can toy with people’s perception of the space. The vertical stripes can effectively lengthen walls, making a room seem like it has more height and space. Alternatively, horizontal stripes bring a sense of width and weight. To add a playful element, try out diagonal stripes or contrasting colors.


Declare a statement and turn your walls into art with the help of powerful mural wallpaper. These settings can range from breathtaking topographies to imaginary worlds. Make an underwater adventure, a Tuscan countryside in the child’s bathroom with pictures or toys, and bring starry skies to your bedroom ceiling.


2024 is here, and if you still need help with the choices of paint, then you need to rethink. It’s not just about the luxurious feel or modern designs; Wallpapers are beyond aesthetics and beauty. Wallpapers reflect your personality and tell every guest you welcome a mesmerizing story. So plan your lovely space and match the pace with the aesthetics and pure beauty era.

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