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Do you want to explore the different types of the kitchen? If yes, go through this guide and gather some effective ideas for Types of kitchen. In general, the kitchen plays a major role in every household.

But, kitchen activities are exhausting and involve different kinds of appliances that must be carefully handled to reduce risk. To overcome all the major issues in the kitchen, it must be designed properly like other rooms in your house.

The major part of the dream kitchen design is its type and layout. Such arrangement can define the way you cook, socialize and dine. There is a wide range of kitchen designs and certain types of kitchens while considering the kitchen layout.

What are the types of kitchen?

The different types of kitchen are:

  • One wall or straight kitchen

A one wall or straight kitchen has the single counter with the one set of wall along with the base cabinets. It runs along the kitchen wall since it is linear. The major aspect to remember is the golden triangle of the kitchen.

The stove or hob will be at the same distance from sink and fridge that makes it the most comfortable layout for carrying over the easy cooking process. The one wall kitchen can be the best option small homes.

  • L-shaped kitchen

The l-shaped kitchen is the very common kitchen layout that is found in most of the Indian homes. The counter space is very ample for many hands working in the cooking session. Such layout can help you derive more productivity with clear work zones.

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The sink, hob and fridge will be close to each other to offer more convenience while cooking. Therefore, l-shaped kitchen can be the best option for large families with small kitchen space and multiple people cooking.

  • Parallel kitchen

The parallel kitchen can be the most extreme productive layout when there is an ample space. It has multiple work zones with two set of cabinets and two counters.

The stove, sink and fridge in the kitchen help will form the unique golden triangle that adds better comfort and convenience to the daily cooking. The parallel kitchen can be great for the nuclear family with the medium sized kitchen.

  • U-shaped kitchen

If you need more counter space with high storage capacity, sure you can go with the u-shaped kitchen. This type of kitchen is best for more amount of storage with two or more wall cabinets and three set of base cabinets.

When you are looking for the individual work zone, then sure this type of kitchen layout is the perfect choice. You can get a separate counter space for stove, sink and fridge. Joint families with the medium to large kitchen can try this type of kitchen.

  • Kitchen islands

The kitchen island is the trending element that you can effectively add to any kind of layout. Here you have the multipurpose counter that can serve as the breakfast counter, cook zone or prep zone. If your kitchen space enough space to move, then you can try Kitchen Island.

  • Peninsula/breakfast counter kitchen

The breakfast counter is the island attached to the wall and gives kitchen the addition counter space by adding seating to it. It can be best for small families and unique for both minimal and spacious kitchen space.

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