Figure Out The Different Types Of Balcony Design

Do you want to know the different types of balcony design? If yes, then check out this guide and explore the basic ideas for Types of Balcony Design.

In general, balconies are the major choice while choosing to bring more light into your outdoor space & living space by extending your home. There different types of balcony design available and you can choose the most effective one during the construction.

What are the types of balcony design?

At present, wide range of balcony options available for multi-family construction projects. Check out below to explore the right balcony design for the architectural design.

  • Cantilever balconies

The major purpose of the cantilevered balcony is to offer clear span space without any brace or columns. It consists of no visible support and need the support beam around the wall. Therefore, the install rate for the wood and concrete cantilever balcony is around 5 to 10 a day.

The size is based on the building material type and joist size. The cantilevered balcony consists of the 24” size limitation. The construction materials for this style are steel, concrete and timber. The use of the steel or concrete is famous for the structural use, but the thermal conductivity is the serious issue.

Thereof, cantilevered balcony needs the thermal bridging knowledge. Due to that, timber joists are best for the low thermal conductivity. It is essential to know errors in this construction means the disastrous future consequences.

  • Stacked balconies

The stacked balcony has the vertical support posts or pillars. It is the pillared balcony methods that are simplistic with the minimal building load implication.

To execute this properly, weight transfers to concrete pads on ground and posts hold balconies. The vertical support structure can give the stacked balcony look. But this method needs the design consideration for avoiding the unpleasant appearance.

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  • Bolt-on balcony

The bolt-on balcony bolts on to the building without any requirement of the inside joints. The bolt-on or hung balcony style is the self-supporting. To execute this properly, the bolt-on balcony connect with bolts, knife plates and sag tension rods to the building.

Your balcony can be prefabricated and proceed with bolt-on without any onsite assembly. The prefabricated means the balconies that can lift off the truck and onto certain building. The building will get prepped with the connection point before the balcony arrival.

Then the crane will lift the balcony bolts and assembled balcony into place. The bolt-on balcony install takes around 20 minutes per balcony. Such type can be limited to either aluminum or steel, with a glass railing option.

The aluminum is the effective option in contrast and timber is not the option. The install rate is around 15 to 24 balconies around 4 hours with the bolt-on method. The increased safety and quick install can make the bolt-on balcony a great option.

  • Post tension slab balconies

The post tension slab will make use of the high strength steel to strengthen and stabilize concrete. The result can be more capacity to resist the tensile force. It will let the architect to design with the greater spans and thinner concrete slabs. The post tension slab construction needs special knowledge and skills.

  • Juliet Balcony

The Juliet balcony is the faux balcony with the railing and it will be attractive in nature. It will feature the small stranding area.

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